Stop Thinking Like an Employee

By Marianne Renner: Leadership Coach, Speaker, Author

What would happen if every person on your team showed up at work tomorrow with an entirely new attitude? What if every person in the organization was filled with unprecedented energy, creativity, and enthusiasm for solving problems?

What if you showed up this way – every day?

As challenging as it may sound, it’s not impossible.

All that’s required is a mindset shift.

All too often, when it comes to work, people spend too much time thinking about what they want to get from their organization. They want more pay, better benefits, or a new promotion. When they focus on what they’re not getting, this leads to growing frustration, reduced energy and lack of fulfillment. The team and organization suffer.

The shift in mindset comes from thinking about what you can give versus what you can get.

It’s the difference between thinking like a business owner versus thinking like an employee.

Look at it this way.

What if you were a consultant and your organization was your biggest client? How would you show up differently? How would you add value to your organization? How could you help the team solve problems? How could you use your unique abilities to help the organization grow?

With this mindset, you wouldn’t have to focus on getting a promotion, because trust me, it’s going to happen.

Showing up with a business owner mindset puts you in the top 2% of people in the workplace. Not only will you start to see financial rewards, but you’ll reap internal rewards. Adopting this mindset will help you breathe new life into your work. A greater sense of fulfillment will ensue. You’ll find yourself using unique talents and abilities that no one else can provide. You’ll have more energy and enthusiasm around your work.

And that’s just for starters.

Think about what happens when the rest of your team shows up with this business owner mindset. What about cultivating an entire organization of employees who start to think like business owners, focusing on what they can do to help the organization, clients and teams?

The result is a complete cultural transformation.

Teams, leaders and organizations are more collaborative, innovative and engaged. Workplace drama dissolves and organizations thrive. Teams grow in resilience and resourcefulness.

A while back I wrote the book, Stop Thinking Like an Employee, after seeing incredible outcomes for my coaching clients who adopted this mindset.

Leaders who were ready to quit their jobs applied these principles and found themselves earning multiple promotions in a matter of months. They found new ways to add value to their organizations and found new meaning in their work. They experienced renewed energy.

Stop Thinking Like an Employee started as a book to help unfulfilled and frustrated leaders. It ended up becoming a powerful team-building resource.

Leaders started buying books to read with their teams. “It’s been a game changer,” one leader said. “My team is more collaborative than ever.”

You can start adopting the business owner mindset by asking a few simple questions each day:

  1. Where can I add value to my team or organization today?
  2. What problem can I solve for someone else today?
  3. What unique talents, abilities and gifts can I use today to help my organization grow?

Remember, if you’re helping a team of 10 other people, that means you have 10 other people showing up to help you.

If you’re interested in more ways to Stop Thinking Like and Employee, you can download 2 free chapters here, or buy the book on Amazon today!

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