Part II – Get both feet off the hamster wheel, for good

Last week, I shared that the number one reason people get stuck on the proverbial hamster wheel. You know the one – where you feel like you’re running as fast as you can, but somehow, you’re not moving forward? If you missed it, you can find it here.

I talked about the importance of getting clear on your purpose or objective so you’re moving in a straight line forward. And that helps you get one foot off the hamster wheel. The other foot comes off when you create a plan that supports that objective.

Because here’s the thing, if you don’t have a plan that supports that purpose, you’ll run in circles. I know that’s not exactly rocket science. It kind of falls into the “duh” category. But having said that, how many of us have an actual plan for what we want to accomplish? Do you want to get promoted, earn more income, find a new job, change careers, increase sales in your business, or just find a way to feel more fulfilled in what you do?

If the answer is, “yes,” then the next question is, “do you have a plan to get there?”

If you want to go on vacation in the next three to six months, you probably plan it out. You have a clear idea on what you need to do, and you take action.

A plan helps ensure that we move forward in a straight line, it keeps us accountable, and helps us stick to timetables.

Without a plan, a few things happen. For one, we can’t seem to find time to accomplish what we want because the hamster wheel keeps us too busy to do anything else. We don’t prioritize, and the things that matter most keep getting pushed to the back burner. And second, we just procrastinate. A plan helps keep us accountable.

Here are three things you can do immediately to get that foot off the wheel and get you started on the move forward:

  1. Write down exactly what you want to accomplish
  2. Write the date by which you want to accomplish it
  3. Write the most immediate three things that have to happen in order for you to move forward, with a “due date” for each task. Sometimes, when a goal seems too big and overwhelming, it’s easy to get discouraged. So just start with the next three things that have to happen. When those are done, go on to the next three.

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