Your greatest transformation happens here with people who care.

Join a supportive group of like-minded men and women who seek transformational growth in business, career and personal life.  

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Do you have a desire to grow into the person you know you were meant to become?  

You want to be a stronger leader, achieve business growth, or have a more meaningful career and deeper personal relationships.  

But today’s hectic and sometimes chaotic lifestyle makes it difficult to stay focused on what matters most and follow through for lasting change and success.  

You end up feeling overwhelmed and stressed out. You’ve lost that passion you once had, and the things that matter most get neglected.

The answer:

  • We all need support. We need connection. We need like-minded and trusted peers with whom we can share our innermost thoughts and dreams. We need encouragement and accountability. We sometimes need outside eyes to help us see what we cannot – to help us see a full 360 degrees.  

What is the Chaos to Clarity Mastermind?  

This Mastermind is a collection of like-minded and forward-thinking people who want to live each day to their fullest potential and experience maximum success in every area of life.

Benefits of a Mastermind are limitless.  

  • Mutual Support. A supportive environment can make all the difference between success and failure.
  • Relationships. Whether you are building a business, living the life of an entrepreneur, or being your best in the corporate workplace, life can be lonely. Life-long friendships and meaningful relationships evolve from being part of a group where everyone is committed to helping and supporting each other.
  • The opportunity to give. A great paradox in life is that the more you give, the more you receive. Being part of a Mastermind allows you the opportunity to give and serve others by providing your wisdom, insights and support. In turn, you can expect exponential returns in your business, career or personal life.  
  • Accountability. Even the most self-motivated business owner or professional needs accountability. We all have weaknesses and areas we avoid, which can be detrimental to our growth. A group of respected peers can help hold your feet to the fire and give you that extra edge.  
  • Growth. You will be inspired to take action that results in lasting change, simply by being surrounded with others who aspire to achieve more.  
  • Synergy. Synergy, as defined by Webster’s is when “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” When the right group of people comes together in a supportive environment with the intent to help one another, something great occurs that exceeds any logic. Robust, dynamic group discussion elevates ideas to unprecedented possibilities.  


Who is it for  

  • Professionals who want more from their career
  • Business owners and entrepreneurs who want increased growth and success
  • Leaders who want to achieve increased performance
  • Any of the above seeking more meaning and fulfillment professionally and personally  


How it works  

  • Weekly meetings are held two times a month for 1 hour via video conference call.
  • Members are encouraged to attend 80 percent of meetings to receive full benefit.
  • Discussions include various business issues, philosophical topics, book discussions and other topics in which members are interested. A meeting may be devoted to discussing an issue of importance to a particular member.
  • Investment: $1,800 for 6 months ($300 monthly)

About Your Facilitator

Marianne Renner understands the importance of setting goals and having a clear plan to reach those goals. By the time she was 32 years old, she owned her own business, founded a not-for-profit organization for at-risk youth, and was a bodybuilding champion and highly sought-after fitness instructor, having led two youth dance teams to win Gold Medals in the National Junior Olympics. ​ Her effective tools and techniques for problem-solving, together with her insights to personal behaviors have made her a highly effective coach in helping people and organizations reach their goals.

Marianne Renner Professional Development Coach

"Marianne has a true and unselfish passion for helping those who need new hope in life and new success in business. She delivers with proven strategies that work."  

-Dan Miller New York Times bestselling author, 48 Days to the Work You Love

"Marianne is genuine, passionate and will not only care about your success, but challenge you to greatness. It's not every day that you meet someone as kind, sincere and generous as Marianne."  

-Jevonnah "Lady J" Ellison Certified Leading Master Coach Dean of Coaching, 48 Days Eagles