Chaos to Clarity Mastermind

Position yourself to earn your first customer AND repeat it!

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Do you have a business but still don’t have a steady stream of clients or customers? 

I know how that can feel frustrating and defeating! 

Those feelings make it even harder to maintain the optimistic mindset you need to attract clients. 

You KNOW you can do it. You feel like this is the work you were born to do. 

You’re inches away from success. 

But something’s missing.

Good news! You’re not alone.

There’s a path to take you out of the maze of chaos and into the clarity you need to start serving REAL clients. 

Almost daily someone asks me, “Marianne, how did you get your first client?”  

Answer: 3 things: 

  • I had the right process 
  • I had the right plan 
  • I had the right network for support, ideas and education 

Join me and other business owners who are just like you, ready to earn their first full-paying clients AND repeat it.

Together, we’re going on a 6-month journey to help you: 

  • Create the right process for your business 
  • Develop the right plan with clarity to keep you on track and moving forward 
  • Connect with peers, share ideas and learn from others in a supportive environment 
  • Build and maintain the required mindset for success

How it works:

I’ll walk with you through my step-by-step process to develop your business including: 

  • Positioning 
  • Packaging 
  • Promoting, messaging and sales techniques 
  • Calendar blocking 
  • Managing projects and staying on track 
  • Choosing and prioritizing the right strategies and tactics to get results 
  • Rooting out limiting beliefs and creating a new mindset of abundance, confidence and success 
  • Everything I learned along the way, so you can save time and headache and get a more direct path to success.

What you get:

  • Live group meetings in a virtual conference room led by Marianne, 2 times per month
  • 1 Individual coaching session with Marianne 
  • Full access to Marianne’s complete Chaos to Clarity toolkit including worksheets, trackers, project planners and formulas for prioritizing, planning and staying on track with forward momentum 
  • Sales techniques, closing conversations, practice sessions, proven practices for finding clients and customers 
  • The benefits of a group environment to keep you inspired, encouraged and accountable. 
  • Growth!

  • Investment: $2,400 for 6 months 
  • Monthly payment option is available for $450 per month 

3 steps to join:  

  • Apply. Complete the application.
  • Become accepted into the program. I will contact you to set up an initial phone call to determine if this is the right fit and confirm your acceptance into the program. 
  • Pay invoice. Once you’re accepted, you’ll receive an invoice for you to pay via email.

About Your Facilitator

Marianne Renner understands the importance of setting goals and having a clear plan to reach those goals. By the time she was 32 years old, she owned her own business, founded a not-for-profit organization for at-risk youth, and was a bodybuilding champion and highly sought-after fitness instructor, having led two youth dance teams to win Gold Medals in the National Junior Olympics. ​ Her effective tools and techniques for problem-solving, together with her insights to personal behaviors have made her a highly effective coach in helping people and organizations reach their goals.

Marianne Renner Professional Development Coach