Chaos to Clarity Leadership Academy

Where your most important leaders learn to
Influence teams – Elevate engagement – Improve performance

Online or in-person


Chaos to Clarity Leadership Academy

Where your most important leaders learn to Influence teams – Elevate engagement – Improve performance

Online or in-person

Your most underdeveloped leaders have the greatest influence on your customers and teams

Most leaders are hungry for growth, yet not getting fed.

As a result, they’re burned out, overwhelmed and stuck in the chaos of the day.

These are the leaders who are closest to your customers.

With the right development, they can influence teams, elevate engagement, and improve performance.

Chaos to Clarity Leadership Academy

The C2C Leadership Academy helps emerging, aspiring and established leaders develop best-in-class leadership skills that influence teams, elevate engagement, and impact performance.

This is no ordinary training.

The C2C Leadership Academy goes beyond training. This hybrid model combines deep coaching, facilitating powerful conversations, and teaching new ideas for transformational growth.

Leaders will:

  • Interact with peers
  • Meet in small groups for added accountability
  • Practice new leadership tools
  • Identify and solve challenges that are unique to each of them
  • Develop and track personalized action plans

What You'll Get:

*3-6 months of small group sessions with topics including:

  • Elevate your influence with teams and customers
  • Hold direct conversations that get results
  • Understand personality styles to for better communication
  • Root-cause problem-solving strategies
  • Goal-setting system to track and achieve goals
  • Leading through times of change
  • Prioritization tools that reduce overwhelm and overload

You’ll also get:

  • Private coaching session
  • DISC personality assessment and complete report with your leadership style, strengths and recommendations for growth
  • Camaraderie with a very small group of like-minded peers
  • Robust, dynamic group discussion
  • Practical action plans and application

*Customized curriculum available.

Online Workshops

Leading and Managing in a Virtual World

Everything about leading and managing teams has been turned upside down.

Not so long ago, you knew how to connect with your teams and customers.

But now what? How do you maintain performance, productivity and engagement in a world that is now so remote?

Online Workshops:

Leading virtual teams

How to keep your team engaged, accountable and energized in a new and changing world.

Learn practical steps to increase energy and engagement with your team.  A more engaged team will improve productivity, maintain accountability and demonstrate unprecedented performance.

Change the Direction of Your Connection

How to move your teams from resistance to action in a remote environment

If you can identify the 4 dominant behavior styles (DISC) among your teams, you can communicate with greater influence. Learn how DISC styles respond in a remote environment and effective communication techniques that create the right outcomes.


Help your teams adapt quickly so they can focus on what matters most

 When teams struggle with change, they lose focus. Productivity and performance suffer. Learn tools to help your teams navigate through change and maintain focus on performance.

Tough Talk

How to deliver difficult messages that get results

When you need to have that tough talk, it’s easy to put it off for another day – especially when you don’t have face-to-face contact. Learn powerful communication techniques that you can use in a remote world. Deliver effective feedback that gets results, maintains respect and minimizes emotional reactions.

About Your Presenter

Marianne Renner Leadership coach, trainer, keynote speaker

Marianne Renner is a transformational leadership coach, trainer and keynote speaker helping aspiring and emerging leaders gain clarity and confidence so they can become the leaders they know they were meant to be.

Through speaking and coaching, she has taught thousands of leaders the necessary skills to achieve greater success, find more fulfillment in their work, and uncover limiting beliefs that keep them stuck in self-imposed glass ceilings.

Marianne holds a Master’s Degree in Integrated Marketing Communications. With a background in communications and continuous improvement, her effective techniques for problem-solving, and her insights to personal behaviors have made her a highly effective coach in helping leaders and organizations reach their goals.

What people are saying

"The value of working with Marianne was priceless. She helped bring all my leaders together on one page."

Richard C. Irvin

Mayor, Aurora, IL

Jenna Lambrecht, Healthcare Executive

"Marianne guides her clients on a journey of growth and helps them see what may be holding them back. She has a unique way of breaking down complex problems and making them simple. Whether she's facilitating a leadership group or working as a personal coach, Marianne is exceptional!"  

Jenna Lambrecht

Healthcare Executive 

"Marianne has the unique ability to unleash a team’s potential. She succeeded in developing our executive team into better leaders and a more cohesive group. She brings out the best in others."  

Kristen Ziman

Chief of Police, Aurora, IL

Kent Julian

"If you're looking for solid content minus the snooze-factor, Marianne Renner is who you're looking for. She connects with her audiences on a deep level while simultaneously keeping things entertaining and engaging. Yes, she'll make your audience think...but she'll also touch their hearts and inspire them to become the leaders and people they are meant to be."  

Kent Julian

CSP Speaker with the National Speaker Association

"Marianne has a true and unselfish passion for helping those who need new hope in life and new success in business. She delivers with proven strategies that work."  

Dan Miller

New York Times Bestselling Author,

48 Days to the Work You Love

"Marianne is genuine, passionate and will not only care about your success, but challenge you to greatness. It’s not every day that you meet someone as kind, sincere and generous as Marianne."  

Jevonnah "Lady J" Ellison

Certified Leading Mastery Coach

Dean of Coaching, 48 Days Eagles.

Gloria Kelley

"Marianne is an inspiring and energizing leader who brings a level of engagement many facilitators do not have.

She has empathy for her audience and asks the right questions. She was fantastic at bringing us together to ensure we stayed out of the weeds and remained focused to get the right results.

She lives by example and walks the walk of leadership every day."

Gloria Kelley

Executive Director, CASA Kane County

Paul Avram

"It was an absolute pleasure to work with Marianne. She made working with her simple and uncomplicated. I look forward to working with her again!"

Paul Avram

Senior Account Manager, Workplace Solutions

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