Change happens. What will you do about it?

We’re in a state of unprecedented change. And frankly, change is scary for most people. When change hits, people feel out of control, unsafe and scared.

Changes in external circumstances fall into that category of things you have no control over. And that, perhaps, is what makes it so scary.

When we believe we are in control, it gives us a sense that we are safe. But unfortunately, this is an illusion. Most of what happens externally is outside our control.

Another piece that is out of our control is our initial reaction to change. Perhaps your immediate reaction to change is fear. Perhaps you feel anger, anxiety, sadness, or even depression.

But I have some good news. Your power and success come from knowing that you have absolute control over what you choose to think about the change you’re going through. And choosing empowering thoughts will lead you through the change toward something greater for your life.

Here are a few tips that will help you navigate through the choppy waters of change and lead you toward the next great experience on your life’s journey.


The first thing you can do is change your expectations. For some reason, we tend to live under the illusion that life is stable and predictable. We expect things to stay the same, so we feel sucker-punched when change happens.

The reality is that all of life is changing. The seasons change from winter to spring. Our children change as they grow into adults. Friendships are always changing, evolving and growing. The marketplace changes, technology changes, and of course, our jobs change.

So, the first step is to shift your expectation toward the idea that change is inevitable.

See change as good

The second way to navigate through change is to see it, not as a bad thing, but as a good thing. Although your initial reaction may be fear, anger or sadness, you can take time to process your emotions and shift your thinking.

When seasons shift from winter to spring, something new is about to emerge. A great question to ask in the midst of change is “what new thing does this make possible?” One thing fades away to make room for new growth. Of course you can see clearly what is going away. But you can’t see what’s coming. Set your expectation that change is about to bring opportunities for something new and wonderful.

As you go through change and subsequent difficult emotions, breathe deeply, ask yourself what wonderful new experience is about to emerge, and see what unfolds.

Download my Grow Your Control Worksheet to help you gain a greater sense of empowerment and energy during any period of change.

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