The real estate in my heart

By Marianne Renner For as far back as I can remember, I’ve been on a journey of personal growth. One of the most powerful ways to grow is to put yourself in the presence of successful people and model their behavior. Some folks define success in terms of financial wealth. To me, financial wealth is […]

How do you know you’re a great leader?

5 Traits People Aren’t Talking About By Marianne Renner, Leadership Coach, Author, Keynote Speaker   I’ve had the opportunity to ask hundreds of leaders to describe the best leader they’ve ever worked with. Their answers might surprise you. Many organizations are missing the mark. If you’ve spent any time looking at LinkedIn profiles or job […]

Move from chaos to clarity in 3 simple steps

By Marianne Renner, Leadership Development Coach When my 8-year-old Godson first signed up for t-ball a few years ago, those games were a riot! That little guy stayed so busy out in right field. His first priority was to pick up dirt from the infield, dump it onto the bill of his cap, tip his […]

Do you suffer from accountability deficit disorder?

Many leaders I talk with express their frustration with the lack of accountability in their organizations. Whether you’re part of a team or whether you’re a solo-prenuer, accountability is crucial to moving work forward. The number one thing we can do is keep ourselves accountable. This means keeping commitments, taking responsibility and following through with […]

Something I rarely share… re-write your life story

If you’re a regular reader of my emails or blogs, you know that I share a ton about the importance of having the right mindset. I talk a lot about overcoming limiting beliefs, crushing self-doubt and building self-confidence. Oftentimes people are looking for three quick steps to better time management or productivity. And I give […]