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One decision can change your life

By Marianne Renner, Leadership  Coach, Author, Speaker Once upon a time … there was a group of kids who liked to hang out. You couldn’t categorize them exactly. They weren’t “the athletes.” They weren’t “the dancers.” They weren’t “the cheerleaders,” or the “stars of the school play.” They came from all walks of life. All […]

Habit to Happiness #4 – "Own Your Role"

For the past several weeks, I’ve been writing a blog series with several tools that can have a huge impact on increasing success in area of your life. These tools are what I call Habits to Happiness. Laying the foundation The reason for all this happiness stuff is because, believe it or not, happiness is […]

"See, I knew it!"

“See, I knew it!” Does that turn of phrase sound familiar?  For years, it was an old familiar tune of mine that referred to any and every disappointment that came my way. I didn’t get the call back after the job interview, “I knew I wouldn’t get it!” Or better still, I didn’t get the […]

Rocks in the Brook

"I once heard it said that the rocks in the brook are what make it sing. And as I sit here in my yard, gazing at my koi pond with all of its beauty, I suddenly realize how true that is. I’m looking at the many objects that appear to stand in the water’s way […]

Are you a leader?

Recently, I have been conducting an increasing amount of leadership programs. And one of the things that I’ve noticed is that my programs for leaders are not entirely different than my other professional development programs. The reason is because we are all leaders regardless of the title or the position that we hold. Leadership is […]

The truth behind multitasking

We live in a world where we all have more things to do than we can fathom. Whether you’re working for a company, own a business or are in charge of running a household – I don’t think there are any exceptions. Every day I hear people talk about multitasking and how important it is to […]

Feeling overwhelmed? There’s a solution

One of the top issues I hear from people is that they’re stressed out, overwhelmed, and generally unhappy in at least one area of their lives. What’s more, the things that matter most are being neglected because too many things are pulling them in too many directions. Sound familiar? People explain to me that they […]

Can happiness increase my success?

Answer: YES! Research has shown that happy people are more productive and successful at work and in life. What’s more, happiness is proven to have a direct impact on  blood pressure, anxiety, depression and how we approach stress. Yes, it’s true! There really is scientific research to back this up. Harvard researcher and best-selling author Shawn […]